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About Us

I'm pregnant! Now what? Breast pumps, nursing pads, baby monitors! What do I actually need? What features are important? Compare Baby Products (CBP) is a family focused review website giving Aussie parents access to independent product information.  We want to help parents make informed decisions by providing access to reviews with valuable content such as what to avoid, features people love and general pros and cons.  Buying products for your baby can be overwhelming with the variety of choice, prices and functionality.  Our community is here to help you to find reliable, independent and useful information about baby products before you get to the shops.


  • To provide genuine reviews from real parents.
  • To focus purely on products for families.
  • To help parents make informed choices.
  • To create an interactive community where people can ask questions about products from people who have used them before.

Tanya (owner)

When I was pregnant with my first child I struggled to make informed decisions about baby products, as lets face it, I had NO idea. What products do I need?  How much do I need to spend to get a quality pram? Which features are useful and which features are purely for looks?

Finding independent and trustworthy reviews from Aussie parents that are focused on baby products is not easy. And finding people who have used the exact products you are looking for and who are happy to answer your questions is nearly impossible.  We are looking to address this issue with Compare Baby Products. I am most excited about the ask a question section where you can submit specific questions about a product and parents who have used the product can share their tips.

I am a mum of three beautiful young girls and I live in Perth with no family nearby.  I was one of the first of my friends to have children and so I had no-one to ask about which products were the best.  Compare Baby Products will allow parents to utilise a community of helpful parents to solve their purchasing dilemmas. We hope to make your parenting journey a little easier.

Karl (owner )

I'm the geek who brings the internet and technology side to Compare Baby Products. I may not have my own kids, but my brother has enough for both of us (5), and I'm completely surrounded by friends and family who are raising little rugrats.

I've lost count of how many times I've seen (or heard) parents on facebook (and yes, even in the real world) asking  for recommendations about different baby products like prams.

While I was working with Tanya on  her popular website Baby Hints & Tips, she pointed out the lack of a good one-stop resource to help parents make informed decisions about which baby products they should buy. It dawned on me that together we could change that.

Then Compare Baby Products was born.

Thanks for joining us

We wish you all the best in making informed decisions to make the ideal purchases that will suit your family's needs and help make your lives a little easier.